What you should look for in a Manufacturing ERP

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Maximizing productivity. Improving ROI. Streamlining the manufacturing operation. Many ERP systems make these promises, but do they have the functionality and technology to deliver?

The manufacturing industry has many moving parts, from shop floor management, to financials and scheduling, payroll, quality control, and more. The right ERP—one that specifically fits the requirements of a manufacturing organization—can significantly improve productivity and efficiency, helping take business growth to the next level.

There are several key features manufacturing companies should look for in an ERP system, namely functionality that fits, real-time integration, modern technology and features, and LEAN manufacturing capabilities.


  1. Functionality

services webdesign optimized What you should look for in a Manufacturing ERPThe right ERP for a manufacturing company should offer functionality that fits the organization’s business processes—and not the other way around. A personalized, not customized, software solution that caters directly to the manufacturing industry is the best choice when choosing a new ERP. Reflex’s Manufacturing ERP, for example, is tailored specifically for manufacturing organizations, offering functionality that helps companies plan for the future, increase productivity, and deliver full management of the shop floor.

With Reflex Manufacturing, users can manage work orders, gather time at each work station, maintain compliance with continual quality standards, and synchronize all moving parts of the organization—all without the need for custom development.


“There are a lot of different factors to consider when determining which material to use to get the finished product. Before Reflex ERP, all of those decisions [were] done on the shop floor. Now a lot of those decisions are made in the front office where we can actually see which machines are busy and which are not. The Reflex solution is designed to fit the way our business works while offering extensive personalization without the need for custom development.” – Terry Rolph, Chief Financial Officer, Lenmak Exterior Innovations Inc.


  1. Real-time Integration

Instant information: it’s part of our everyday lives. In business, access to instant and relevant data is crucial, which is why a high-functioning Manufacturing ERP should offer real-time integration throughout the entire system. Reflex Manufacturing provides a comprehensive real-time view of an organization while standardizing operations and workflows, so that critical business information is accessible and up-to-date at all time, eliminating the need to sync. Real-time data updates within the Reflex ERP mean that manufacturing companies can boost productivity with instant access to business information.

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“We are very happy with the partnership with Reflex and would not hesitate to recommend their products and services.” – Gerald Telidetzki, Chief Financial Officer, Steel-Craft Door Products Inc.


  1. Modern Features

shutterstock 150585362 1200px 300x300 What you should look for in a Manufacturing ERPBringing an organization into the future means selecting an ERP system that can keep up with modern technology. With a next generation ERP such as Reflex Manufacturing, companies can not only manage business information with ease, but also enjoy modern features such as mobile functionality, web portal access, intelligent alerts, and embedded analytics. Access information from anywhere at any time while taking advantage of built-in business intelligence that can generate reports and ad-hoc queries instantly.


“As a company we have always used our software to a competitive advantage, and in today’s marketplace, that is more important than ever. Our sales team can now leverage this information to build even stronger relationships with their customers. Plus, when you look at what we can now do through the Dealer self-service web portals, we can attest to the Reflex value proposition: ‘Turn the data you have into the information you need.’ It is truly amazing.” – Tom Moore, Vice President and General Manager, Factor Forms and Labels


  1. LEAN Manufacturing

Sustainability is an important factor for many modern businesses, so it’s important to seek out technology that can help achieve LEAN manufacturing standards. Reflex Manufacturing offers electronic document management, web portals, and automated processes to reduce resources and waste, helping support the green initiatives of many manufacturing organizations. Turn a cluttered office environment into a paperless one and eliminate waste with Reflex’s LEAN manufacturing capabilities.


At the end of the day, manufacturing organizations seeking a new or replacement ERP system should select a package that offers the best combination of these features and that can meet the required LEAN manufacturing standards. With Reflex Manufacturing, you can plan for the future with a modern, state-of-the-art software solution that standardizes operations and workflows across an organization and offers a 360-view with built-in custom reporting. Take advantage of increased productivity and full organization of the manufacturing floor and transform your business to expand into the global market.

Learn more about our Reflex Manufacturing ERP system here.

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