The benefits of embedded analytics

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When a business rapidly grows, it can be easy to forget the importance of tracking that growth. Reporting and analytics are crucial to any organization seeing significant increases in productivity and revenue. Businesses need access to data they can use as a benchmark.

services search engine optimization 300x300 The benefits of embedded analyticsAs a next generation ERP system, Reflex eliminates the need for manual reporting and third-party analytics applications with state-of-the-art embedded business intelligence. Not only does the Reflex ERP update information in real-time, the software’s full integration means that data inputted from several departments is accessible from the business intelligence module immediately. With Reflex, users never need to wait for data to sync.

The built-in business intelligence and analytics module means that companies can analyze their business performance instantly. Reflex Analytics is available throughout every module in the system, so users can build charts and reports at any time with the most recent data.

Slice and dice pivot grids. Design your own graphs. Export data to external sources. Browse hundreds of report templates or create your own. With Reflex Analytics, generating reports or ad-hoc queries is as easy as clicking a button. Every query can be published globally across various groups of users, or saved on a per-user basis.

Reflex Analytics 1024x581 The benefits of embedded analytics

Reflex Analytics includes:

  • Real-time access to data

  • Management and performance dashboards

  • Key Business and Performance Indicators (KBIs and KPIs)

  • User-developed template queries

  • Pivot grids and charting

  • Hundreds of automated report templates

  • Export and import functionality

With mobile access, real-time data updates, and embedded analytics and business intelligence, companies using the Reflex ERP can take advantage of increased management insight and agility without having to compromise power or functionality.

Learn more about Reflex Analytics and other next generation features in Reflex ERP software here.

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