Terry Rolph

Chief Financial Officer
Lenmak Exterior Innovations Inc.

As one of the most progressive light gauge metal and curtain wall manufacturing companies in North America, Ray and Lori Turner - the principals behind Lenmak - recognized they needed an equally progressive ERP system to bring together all elements of their operations from finance, inventory control, production planning and client relationship management. The Reflex professional business transition team worked with the management and staff of Lenmak to provide an integrated ERP solution to achieve Lenmak's ultimate goal of becoming a lean enterprise organization that would lead to better value creation for the clients they serve with minimal waste and processes.

As Terry Rolph, Lenmak's CFO stated, "The Reflex solution is designed to fit the way our business works while offering extensive personalization without the need for custom development." Reflex provides powerful reporting, built-in business analytics, with charting and graphing features and management dashboards that make sure the right people have the right information, at the right time. The mobile and web portal solutions further ensure that we can connect and effectively communicate with our customers, stakeholders and clients in the most effective manner.

Download the Lenmak Exterior Innovations case study.

Gerald Telidetzki

Chief Financial Officer
Steel-Craft Door Products Ltd.

"With the migration to Version 10.15, Reflex continues to be a strategic solution for all of our company and operational requirements. We are very happy with the partnership with Reflex and would not hesitate to recommend their products and services to other companies considering a move to a modern 'Next Generation' ERP system."

Steel-Craft Door Products Ltd. is the largest overhead door manufacturer in Canada, founded in 1963 by Art Mihalcheon and operating from its 325,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Edmonton, Alberta. In addition to the manufacturing/distribution facility, Steel-Craft has four sister companies – Barcol Door and Windows Ltd., Steel-Craft Sales and Service, Lethbridge Door Systems, and Pro-Die Manufacturing Ltd, as well as dealers located in most major centers across Canada.

Download the Steel-Craft Door Products case study.

Michel Leroux

Summit Valve and Controls Inc.

"Our company has seen tremendous expansion in the past 15 years both through internal growth and geographic expansion in Western Canada. We have enjoyed working with the Reflex Enterprise software solution and their team of professionals to assist us in aligning our business processes with the IT systems for seamless integration and management visibility throughout all levels of the organization. We now have an appreciation of the value of true master data management as we are able to look at real time data anytime / anywhere and turn it into the information we need to run our company and serve our clients in the most effective manner.

In addition to enjoying the benefits of having one fully integrated ERP solution with no 'bolt-ons,' we have also implemented the Reflex embedded document manager that has allowed us to achieve a 99% paperless office environment."

Download the Summit Valve and Controls case study.

Jeremy Meinema

Finance and Sales Manager
City of Saskatoon

"The City of Saskatoon has been a client since 2003 and utilizes Reflex for land development. Prior to implementing Reflex, the city utilized several software tools for tracking lot inventory and lot sales. The City had several specialized reports that needed to be created, and with the latest upgrade to Version 10.0, are now able to create ad-hoc queries with the use of Reflex Analytics. The City is also in the process of implementing the Commercial Property Management module to manage all City leases, which includes buildings, signage, farm land and easements."

Derek Currah

President and General Manager
Comco Pipe and Supply Company
(Division of Russel Metals Inc.)

"Comco Pipe and Supply has had a long standing partnership with the principle owners of Reflex that spans over 25 years. Our company depends on the tight interrelationship of our IT systems with our business processes and having a single IT partner such as Reflex to provide a fully integrated end-to-end solution for all aspects of our business is one of the key drivers that keeps us ahead of the competition. The system provides support for head office accounting and administration with full auditability for routing key controls and logging as well as configurable dashboards for extensive reporting and management insight. All operation centers across Canada are tied in for inventory control, warehouse management, quality assurance and client relationship management."

Tom Moore

Vice President and General Manager
Factor Forms and Labels

"Our partnership with Reflex Enterprise Solutions Group spans over 25 years as both companies have worked closely together to integrate business and technology management to achieve greater agility, productivity and ultimately a more enriched value stream for the services we provide to our dealers. With Reflex we deal with one company and one fully integrated enterprise solution that serves all facets of the Factor business processes - Integrated Accounting, H/R and Payroll, Work Order / Docket Management, Production Control and Management, Inventory Control and Order Management, Automated Pricing, Dealer Self-service Portals for order placement and production tracking, Customer Relationship Management and much more.

As a company we have always used our software to a competitive advantage, and in today's marketplace, that is more important than ever. Our sales team can now leverage this information to build even stronger relationships with their customers. Plus, when you look at what we can now do through the Dealer self-service web portals, we can attest to the Reflex value proposition: 'Turn the data you have into the information you need.' It is truly amazing."

Nicholle Povhe

Chief Financial Officer
Remai Group of Companies

"We at Remai Group, encompassing many legal entities, have been a client since 2009 and utilize Reflex for Residential and Commercial Property Management, Construction Management, Payroll and HR as well as the full financial suite. In 2008, we searched the marketplace for an Enterprise solution that would be relevant for all of our business units as the notion of implementing multiple point solutions (i.e. possibly from different vendors) that all have a different look and feel was not an option.

After an exhaustive review of the options available, Reflex was chosen as the solution to manage the many facets of our business. Since then, Reflex has been that one solution and is very effective in helping us manage all aspects of our property management and construction operations. The talented staff at Reflex have been very responsive both in providing support when required and also in receiving and implementing recommendations for improvements that would benefit us and their other clients as well. We are very pleased to have chosen Reflex and continue to work closely with them as our information partner."