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Lead Incentive Program

Do you know a construction company having difficulties with their software? A land development company struggling to find a comprehensive ERP system? A property management company dissatisfied with their current software? Are you or your connections located in Alberta, Canada? We want to hear from you!

We have a great lead incentive program for partners. Just send us a message with some lead information for a company that you currently have a relationship with and that you think would benefit from the use of our software and if we sign a contract with them, you get a $2,500 pre-paid Visa gift card!* It's that easy.

Ideal leads consist of construction companies with more than 20 employees or annual revenues of $20M and up. Ideal land development and property management company leads have more than 10 employees. The best leads are companies with multiple business units running various systems for each division.

Shoot us a message using the form below today!

*Only applies to leads Reflex currently has no relationship with.

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    Lead Requirements

    *Please read before submitting a lead.

    • Lead company must be located in Alberta.
    • You or your organization should have a current relationship with the lead.
    • By submitting, you agree that you are willing to provide an introduction between Reflex and the lead company.