How to respond to the growing pressures of tech change

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Accenture’s 2016 Technology Vision Report estimates that one quarter of the world’s economy will be driven by digital initiatives and projects by the year 2020, placing more pressure on companies to reinvent IT strategies to avoid any technical fallout. This article by CIO Insight discusses the pressures companies have to face as technology continues to grow and change; for example, 82% of IT and business executives say that companies are increasingly exposed to risk due to the growing size of business data.

TechChangePressure 5 How to respond to the growing pressures of tech change

Finding technology that places the utmost importance on security is key to ensuring a company remains ahead of modern IT developments. That’s why we offer a comprehensive Security Management module within our Reflex ERP software. With features such as dedicated administrators, role definitions, and audit trails throughout the software, companies can quickly identify, respond to, and resolve technical threats and effectively mitigate any impact to the company or its clients.

As technology continues to evolve, it appears that businesses not only need to embrace and adopt new software and applications, they also need to adjust their business strategies to meet the needs of a modern technical landscape. Selecting software that offers next generation functionality to help companies move into the business world of the future is a key component of any organization’s IT strategy.

Learn more about how Reflex ERP software can offer a modern approach to growing data management needs.

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