Perpetual License

Clients that choose our perpetual licensing model pay a one-time upfront fee for full licensing of the software. After this point, the client is considered an owner of the Reflex ERP software and only has to pay a yearly service and support fee for ongoing upgrades and customer support.


The total cost of the perpetual licensing fee varies depending on the number of users. All clients on the perpetual licensing model purchase a Server License and User Licenses that are priced according to Full-time Users, Casual Users, and Self-service Users.


When purchased under the perpetual licensing model, the Reflex ERP system can be hosted on-site or in the cloud.

Yearly Subscription

Clients that choose our yearly subscription model pay an annual fee at a lower upfront cost for full use of the Reflex ERP software. 


Our yearly subscription model offers a more flexible approach to ERP software pricing. As with the perpetual license, yearly subscribers can choose to host the software on-site or in the cloud.


Speak to a Reflex representative about subscription pricing options by emailing

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