What makes Reflex different?

  • December 20, 2018
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Let’s face it–there are tons of ERP systems in the marketplace. There are big name ERPs and ERPs developed by local companies. There are ERPs for every kind of industry. There are ERPs that aren’t actually ERPs. It can get pretty overwhelming.

Where do you start? How do you choose one from the many? What’s the difference between all of these systems and vendors that say they can deliver the exact functionality you need?

At Reflex, we believe in the power of the “pleasant surprise.” The things that make us and our software different are often the things that prospects and clients appreciate the most.

For example, we’re a locally owned and operated software company with national and international clients. Our office is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with a branch in Toronto, Ontario, and we’re the sole developers and owners of our Reflex ERP software. What many people don’t realize is that a majority of software vendors are actually resellers of another company’s product. In many cases, they resell multiple products, such as different solutions for manufacturing or construction, which can make it hard for customers to stay up-to-date on new releases because of the variety of software packages. These resellers have certain rights to the software and they sell it on behalf of the developers. In our case, everything is kept in-house. We’re the ones who built the software–we’re the ones who continue to update and enhance it. And we’re the ones who can make modifications to benefit our clients. In fact, Reflex just added more than 500 enhancements in 2016 alone, 197 of which were enhanced within the construction vertical.

One of the most important aspects of our software is the fact that it’s fully integrated. Many software companies use this term loosely, offering solutions that have different features that don’t actually speak to one another. Because we own our software and began rewriting it from scratch in 2005, with the first production release taking place in 2010 with a large publicly-traded company, we now offer an ERP system that’s founded on one single code base. That means that all features and modules in our solution are fully connected in real time. Enter information into any module and the software auto updates to every other modules applicable to the transaction, so that our customers never have to re-enter data.

With Reflex, the possibilities are endless. Want on-site hosting? No problem. Prefer cloud hosting? We’ve got you covered. We also have multiple pricing options for customers who want to pay a one-time fee or those who want to pay on a subscription basis. Is there something specific to your industry that you’d like to see in the software? We’ll work with you in developing what’s best for your business.

Each of our industry-specific solutions offers full and comprehensive management. Visit our industry pages below for more information on how Reflex ERP software can benefit you today!

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