Reflex launches new Construction mini-site

  • January 11, 2017
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Construction Managementb 1 Reflex launches new Construction mini site

We stand behind our Construction software as some of the most comprehensive software in the industry, which is why we’ve taken the time to expand the Construction section on our website, resulting in a new mini-site dedicated to the industry.

This new mini-site provides an in-depth look into our feature-rich Reflex Construction software; specifically, the Financial Management module, Estimating and Project Management, Field Services, Mobile Access, and Complimentary Modules.

The core of the Reflex software is financials, so the Financial Management module offers an all-inclusive and fully integrated accounting solution that keeps track of an entire project in real time. Track approvals, manage documents, and generate reports all within Reflex.

relationsmanagement 1024x1024 Reflex launches new Construction mini site

With the Estimating and Project Management module, you can enter and track estimates, convert to a project, and maintain full control over all project information until everything is completed. With alerts and approval notifications, as well as embedded Reflex Analytics™ throughout the software, companies can access and analyze critical project information whenever necessary.

Our Field Services module is the centerpiece of our Construction software, offering a fully mobile approach to remote service management so that there is no disconnect in the field. The second there’s a change in a project and the change is entered into Reflex, the relevant field employees are notified. Everyone stays fully connected throughout the project, from daily logs to constant interactions with project stakeholders.

As a next generation solution, Reflex also offers web portals and mobile access so that employees in the field or working remotely can access project information on the go. The software comes with web portals for accounts payable, customer sales orders, employee time entry, and more.

documentmanagement Reflex launches new Construction mini site

Along with the purchase of the full Reflex Construction system, we also offer a number of complimentary modules to add value for our clients. This includes fully integrated and embedded modules for human resources and payroll, document management, relations management, executive dashboards, reporting, analytics, and more.

Learn more about the Reflex Construction software by visiting the mini-site.

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