The evolution of PATI

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PATI transparent 129x300 The evolution of PATIMeet PATI.

Who’s PATI, you ask? She’s Reflex’s Process Assistant and Training Instructor and she lives within the software. Whenever users need assistance with a task, PATI appears as our software’s built-in process wizard to assist in the completion of the task.

As a branded figure, PATI has had several iterations over the years since we released version 10 of the Reflex ERP in 2009.



PicMonkey Collage The evolution of PATIPATI 2009-2013

One of the first PATIs was made using a 3D modeling program in 2009. She lived in the Reflex Software from 2009 to 2013.

This version of PATI was designed with Reflex-branded colours to match the company’s blue and orange logo. Her appearance is professional and welcoming and intended to make the user feel comfortable while performing certain tasks within the software.


PATI gets an upgrade

At Reflex, we’re constantly working to improve our software, with several new updates, releases, and hundreds of enhancements made each year. As our software continues to grow, we realized that our PATI needed to grow with it.

PATI 2 1024x788 The evolution of PATI

In 2014, our designers gave PATI a new look, moving away from 3D renders and towards a 2D animated figure. The new PATI embodied a cutting-edge style and modern look to better represent the next generation features of the Reflex ERP software. Her colours are less brand-oriented than the previous PATI, but she retains the professional appearance that PATI has come to represent over the years.


PATI into the future

As we near the release of Reflex Version 11.0, we decided that it was time for PATI to have another makeover. In the spring of 2017, our marketing department took a fresh approach to PATI that gave her more depth and relatability, while keeping the 2D animated style of the second iteration.

The following shows the progress of PATI as she was redesigned by Reflex’s marketing department into the final version at the far right.

New Pati collage 1024x515 The evolution of PATI

constructionpatidraft 213x300 The evolution of PATIThis latest PATI took a more branded approach to the outfit, which hinges off Reflex’s two colours and uses the logo as a belt accessory. Her features are more animated and detailed, with an appearance that represents friendly professionalism and accessibility.

We’re excited to introduce this new PATI to the world and to our clients. We’ll be using her more in marketing materials and also creating a number of different versions to speak to each of the industries in which we work.

Stay tuned for more PATI in the near future!

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