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It’s easy enough to say “we have the best construction software” or “our construction software can meet your needs,” but when it comes to giving proof, a lot of software vendors stumble.

Not us. There’s a reason why so many of our construction clients choose to move away from big box software vendors and towards our Reflex ERP solution, and it’s not just because we have some of the shortest implementation times in the industry (although that’s one good reason).

1. All-in-one

No more multiple applications. No more disconnected systems. No more having to re-enter information in multiple places. One of the biggest pain points we’ve seen with construction companies is the lack of communication due to disconnected software applications. This can lead to data entry errors and information silos, having a direct impact on your business. With Reflex Construction, you enter information ONE time and everyone who needs access to that information gets access. Simple.

2. Ownership and Local Support

It might not seem like such a big deal, but have you ever tried to deal with the owner of a software product, rather than a reseller? We own the intellectual property; we developed the software ourselves. Want an enhancement? We take our clients’ needs and wishes into account. We offer real-time, hands-on support for all of our clients. Located in Edmonton? We can drop by your office anytime to make sure everything is running smoothly.

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3. Modern Technology

Building an ERP system from scratch is no easy task. That being said, we did it in the late 2000s so that we could offer our clients a flexible, scalable solution that can bend and grow with the times. Legacy ERPs are nearing end of life throughout the industry, so why not move to a system that can support your business well into the future?

4. Implementation Times

We mentioned it earlier, but this is a huge differentiating factor for Reflex ERP software. The 2016 industry average for implementation times according to Panorama Consulting Solutions was 16.9 months. Reflex’s average was 6 months. That’s almost three times shorter than the industry average. Why? Because our team wrote the software and we know it inside out–and we can configure rather than customize everything to meet your needs.

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5. Cost

Pricing is important. ERP software is an investment for any company, especially in the growing construction industry. Prices vary for licensing, implementation, and training fees, of course, but did you know that the average cost of big box ERP projects in 2016, after all was said and done, was $1.3 million? And did you know that the average cost of Reflex projects is $300,000?

There’s a reason why our clients choose Reflex Construction as their software package of choice. Visit our Construction ERP page today to learn more about how Reflex can help your business.

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