Reflex: the best solution for land developers

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At Reflex, we pride ourselves on our Land Development software as the only system in the marketplace that offers such a comprehensive solution for land developers. We spent time working with clients who specialize in managing land development operations so that we could create the best software solution for land management companies.

The result is our Reflex Land Development ERP—a modern software package built around the core requirements and business processes of land development.

Need to manage critical scheduling, produce cash flow reports, and manage all purchasing and payment information? Reflex offers functionality from project start to finish. The software specializes in managing commercial, residential, and industrial lot building and land development processes.

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Reflex Analytics™

Key Reflex Land Development features include:

  • Management of lot inventories.

  • Raw materials and equipment management.

  • Lot sales, from the initial builder request to pre-sale deposits and down payments.

  • Collection of scheduled and final payout.

  • Budget and cash flow tracking and projections.

  • Sales agreements and purchase contracts.

  • Lease and financing administration.

Not only does Reflex help manage all operations, it also features next generation functionality such as embedded document management, built-in analytics and business intelligence, and mobile access.

Reflex Land Development clients can choose to host the software on-site or in the cloud, while also having the option between a one-time perpetual license fee or a yearly pricing model.

Learn more about how Reflex Land Development can help increase profitability and provide comprehensive management for your organization by scheduling a complimentary demo today!

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