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One of the biggest issues construction companies face during projects is a disconnect between employees and stakeholders in the field and ongoing project information. This is why we spent time ensuring that our Reflex Construction Field Services functionality provides an efficient way for field employees to keep track of every detail of a project.

The Reflex Construction ERP is a fully integrated modern software system tailored to the construction industry. Not only does the software offer full functionality for the entire project lifecycle from CRM to estimating, project management and costing, and reporting, it also provides next generation features such as built-in analytics, subcontractor compliance tracking, real-time alerts, and mobile access to self-service web portals in the field.

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When you’re in the field, you’re running the project. You need constant information about employees, equipment, budgets, commitments, actuals and schedules—and it can cause delays if you don’t have access to that information. The success of a project is determined by how effectively it’s run by field personnel, so maintaining constant control over all moving parts is crucial.

With Reflex’s Field Services functionality, employees can access project information via mobile devices from any location. Track weather, assignments, and equipment through daily logs, while maintaining constant communication with stakeholders and suppliers through Reflex’s online chat. Users can attach any type of document, including pictures, meeting minutes, safety documents, and more to the project directly from the field with our integrated document management functionality.

Schedule people and assign equipment while in the field, or create purchase orders and email them directly to suppliers or route for approval based on purchase limits and tolerances. Also, capture field time entry for crews or scheduled employees while on site and cost directly to the project.

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Reflex also features an AP Portal for invoice submission, compliance submission and holdback release requests, which allows subcontractors to submit for payment online and then track the status of when they will be paid.

With Reflex Construction, field employees always have the necessary information they need to ensure project success, including full tracking on all equipment and alerts that appear when the budget is reaching its threshold. And, thanks to our built-in analytics and business intelligence module, you can review Key Performance and Key Business Indicators (KPIs and KBIs), and full project details during the lifecycle of the project.

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