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There are plenty of project management systems in the marketplace that specialize in construction. It can be difficult to decipher which ones offer the functions you need, which ones have a history of successful implementations, and which ones fit within your budget.

If you’re a medium- to large-sized construction company, the difficulty increases. With multi-million-dollar projects on the line and countless assets and employees to manage, the last thing you want to do is select a new construction software system that disrupts processes, fails to deliver on demands, and goes way over budget.

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We know the struggle. We’ve been there. We’ve worked with many construction companies struggling to meet requirements with outdated software, or companies using multiple systems that don’t connect and make keeping track of everything more confusing, instead of making things easier.

One of the great things about owning and developing your own software is that we have the ability to listen to these struggles and make changes to our software based on inefficiencies YOU’VE been experiencing. We’ve listened. And we’ve made changes. And today we offer a construction solution that can’t be beat.

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From the moment you meet a new prospect, Reflex keeps track of everything. The built-in customer relationship management module means that all communication is tracked in the software, even while off site.

Estimating and project management are all included in the software, so there’s no need for external spreadsheets and repetitive manual entry. That means less margin for human error! Ready to sign that contract? Convert an estimate into a job within Reflex the second the contract has been awarded and get started right away.

We even offer web portals so that you can manage projects on the go. Receive alerts the second any part of the project is about to go over budget, if equipment needs to be returned, or if any documents need to be approved.

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One of the things we made sure to include in our Reflex Construction software is full field services functionality. Stay connected on-site by accessing project information via mobile devices. You can even create purchase orders on a tablet and print or email them directly from the store—AND get reimbursed directly to your bank account.

When we say our software offers everything, we mean everything. Accounting, financial management, human resources, payroll, customer relationship management, document management, dashboards, analytics and reporting, inventory, asset management, web portals, and more.

Learn more about Reflex Construction software today.

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