Complimentary Modules

The following modules are optional and can be included in the Reflex Property Management ERP package at no extra cost.

*All modules are fully integrated throughout the software system. Information is distributed in real time.

Human Resources and Payroll

Human Capital Management enables the creation of comprehensive employee records across the full hire-to-retire lifecycle. Integrated Document Management capabilities offer significant value by allowing electronic documents such as resumes, reference checks, medical forms, signed employment agreements, void cheques, and payroll forms to be stored and managed within the HR and payroll functions.

Configurable workflow improves monitoring and control of human capital management processes, ensuring effective communication and timely handling of tasks. Reflex makes it easy to assign the exact pay, benefits, and deductions arrangements for each employee.

Applicant Management facilitates recruitment through the creation of competitions, which can then be posted to a corporate website as well as social media sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook. Applicant workflow can be monitored and managed from receipt of resumes, through multi-level interview stages, to final decision in a letter of offer or rejection. Talent Management enables effective administration and utilization of resource skills, while training and course administration features support continued professional development.

Document Management

Reflex has a fully integrated Document Management system that allows for full electronic storage and retrieval of all external, internal and electronically saved documents. The system can run as a stand alone or be combined with other data management tools, allowing for full electronic storage and retrieval of all external, internal, and electronically saved files, such as documents, spreadsheets, images, Microsoft SharePoint data, and more.

Any document generated by the Reflex System can be stored in the electronic data repository for future recall. Some Reflex clients have embraced LEAN Enterprise standards and, thanks to the software's document manager, have achieved a 99% paperless environment.

Relations Management

The Relations Management module provides capabilities to maintain, organize, and manage information for customers, clients, business partners, vendors, suppliers or virtually any other type of organization. Tasks and appointments can all be scheduled and tracked. A communications log lets you track and monitor emails, phone calls, and faxes. Integration with your enterprise email system provides a single consolidated log of all inbound and outbound communications to customers and business partners, while Reflex security and audit features let you share information without ever losing control of it.

This module also supports the end-to-end lifecycle of each relationship. Sales prospects and leads can be tracked through the entire sales pipeline and prospects are easily converted into customer relationships when sales are made. New opportunities can be recorded, and quotes for services or products can be produced.

Mobile Access and Web Portals

Reflex offers mobile access and web portals for users working off site or in the field. Learn more about it on our Reflex Property Management Mobile Access page.

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