Analytics and Reporting

Make informed decisions based on current trends in reporting.

How can your business grow if you don't know what's working and what isn't? Thanks to Reflex's embedded analytics module, 360° business intelligence is just a click away.

Reflex Analytics™ offer real-time access to reports, graphs, pivot grids, and key business and performance indicators from directly within the software. Say goodbye to exporting data to an external reporting solution--just select from one of hundreds of pre-made reports in Reflex or build your own, select your parameters, and you're ready to go!

Analytics features:

  • Management and Performance Dashboards (all modules)
  • Key Business and Performance Indicators (KBIs/KPIs)
  • User-developed Template Queries
  • Pivot Grids and Charting
  • Export/Import Functionality
  • Real-time Data Access
  • Hundreds of Automated Report Templates

Manage all data with embedded analytics.

Information access, reporting, business intelligence and analytics are the common foundation across the Reflex enterprise solution portfolio. All Reflex ERP solutions come with an integrated family of offerings for reporting, queries, dashboard views, trends and predictive analytics, as well as built-in charting and graphics capabilities.

At-a-glance information with executive dashboards.

Executive dashboards provide at-a-glance views of key performance indicators that are fully end-user configurable to fit each organization, at all management levels.

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