Client Spotlight: Lenmak Exterior Innovations

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Lenmak Exterior Innovations specializes in world-class state of the art manufacturing of light gauge metals for residential, commercial and agricultural applications. Lenmak leads the market in technology, allowing the company to penetrate new market growth and manufacture custom products efficiently, accurately, and economically. They are the only manufacturer offering targeted skill and equipment to the exterior panel and curtain wall industry.

Founded in 1996 by husband and wife team, Ray and Lori Turner, Lenmak has since grown to be one of Alberta’s leading architectural metal panel manufacturers, with a $4 million fully automated production line headquartered in west Edmonton.

clients lenmak Client Spotlight: Lenmak Exterior InnovationsSince 2012, Lenmak has been using the Reflex Manufacturing ERP to run business operations. A single solution with modules designed specifically for the manufacturing industry, Reflex Manufacturing helps guide the order fulfillment process for Lenmak through the seamless integration of real-time information and data. This eliminates the need for any secondary manual data entry.

Thanks to Reflex, production managers at Lenmak can now make intelligent shop floor control decisions based on the ERP’s systems integration and access to real-time data. This access to data has changed the way Lenmak approaches inventory usage, production scheduling, and optimizing production.

“There are a lot of different factors to consider when determining which material to use to get the finished product,” says Rolph. “Before Reflex ERP, all of those decisions—who was to do what, how it was to be done, in what order, and what material would be used—that was all done on the shop floor. Now a lot of those decisions are made in the front office where we can actually see which machines are busy and which are not. The Reflex solution is designed to fit the way our business works while offering extensive personalization without the need for custom development.”

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