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Service Management

Reflex Service Management provides a comprehensive solution for service-oriented companies. The software offers features for creating service requests, converting these requests to quotes, and then converting to service orders once accepted by the client.

Reflex comes with full document management functionality so that users can attach pictures, drawings, or other documents at any stage of the process. Likewise, you can track user-defined service classes, types, areas, and schedule dates for internal and external resources.

Tasks are assigned to each service request. Users can process quotes and orders, have full access to inventory items, or buy-in directly to the service order. Equipment required for order is identified and a request generated for the asset to be allocated once the service order is scheduled.

Also, further exclusions and additional options can be identified so that the client printout shows exactly what is included and excluded.

Download the Reflex Service Management brochure here.

Key Reflex Service Management features include:

  • Full tracking of subcontractors, labor hours, equipment, and materials.
  • Creation of daily assignment sheets.
  • View schedules of service areas and resources assigned.
  • Bill service orders.
  • View all costs associated with work orders, as well as estimated and actual gross margins.

Service Requests

Create service requests and convert them to service quotes and service orders (billable, non-billable, and warranty) in Reflex. Enjoy full historical tracking of the initial request through service order, assignment, work completion, and billing.

Service Order Scheduling

Scheduling can be assigned to internal resources or external subcontractors and daily assignments can be allocated by a service manager within a defined region (or based on the service technician).

Landfill and Waste Management

Reflex now offers a full solution for waste and landfill scale operations that is fully integrated with our entire Reflex ERP suite. With Reflex, you can reduce operating costs and improve efficiency while also managing all other aspects of your business, such as financials, assets, inventory, and more.

Our Weigh Scale module allows you to set up and manage multiple contracts, permits, and volume pricing, while also managing cash and contract customers.

Key Landfill and Waste Management features include:

  • Weigh scale integration
  • Controls the flow of traffic and material for incoming loads
  • Resident and commercial tickets
  • Automatic billings
  • Printing paper copies of tickets and/or emailing PDFs, as well as invoicing
  • Material tracking
  • Asset and inventory management
  • Permit, contract, and project/job tracking and pricing
  • Electronic signature capturing
  • Cash and on account invoicing
  • Slice and dice all historical tickets by customer, material, contract number, zone, truck, and more
  • Ability to manage multiple inbound and outbound kiosk locations
  • Full integration with all Reflex modules – no need to run stand-alone software packages

Download the Reflex Landfill and Waste Management brochure here.

Weigh Ticket Entry

Manage all tickets by customer, material, contract number, zone, truck, and more.

Reflex Scale Permit and Contract Setup

Set up and manage multiple contracts, permits, and volume pricing, while also managing cash and contract customers.

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