Mobile Access

Access Reflex from anywhere.

Reflex provides its clients with the ability to interact with internal personnel and external stakeholders through a variety of web portals, providing access to information in real time and enabling insight into information outside of the organization. Our web portals include:

  • AP Supplier/Subcontractor Portal: purchase requisitions and AP invoice submission.
  • Consultant Portal: approvals of work completed with document attachments.
  • Builder Portal: lot purchasers can access key documents, generate forms, request lots to be put on hold, submit purchase requests for open inventory lots, and download required documents.
  • Field Services Portal: access to budgets, actuals, purchase requisitions, and daily field logs.

Web Builder Portal

Reflex’s Web Builder Portal allows you to access builder inventory, submit models, print grade slips, and request to hold or purchase an inventory lot.

Reflex publishes documents for builders, creates builder tasks based on rules, and creates various forms that need to be submitted by purchasers. Real-time chat is also available to ensure that everyone stays in the loop on communications.

Reflex's Builder Portal - project view
Reflex's Builder Portal - live chat view

Accounts Payable Supplier Portal

Reflex’s AP Portal enables all suppliers to submit invoices electronically. All Reflex portals can be client branded for colors, logos, and workflow.

Suppliers can be linked to various portal functions, allowing Reflex clients to define various rules and workflows. With real-time chat and historical tracking, all stakeholders, whether internal or external, can see the progress of their invoices.

Field Services

When you’re in the field, you’re running the project. You need constant information about employees, equipment, budgets, commitments, actuals and schedules—and it can cause delays if you don’t have access to that information. The success of a project is determined by how effectively it’s run by field personnel, so maintaining constant control over all moving parts is crucial.

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