Lot Inventory

Never lose track of important information again.

With Reflex's lot inventory module, you can set up and manage all lots, including single family, multi-family, industrial, institutional, and more in a centralized location that updates in real time.

Manage lots held for sale and lots that are not released for sale, as well as all attributes of lots, including frontage, zoning, building restrictions, and easements.

Lot Inventory

Track every attribute of each lot from a single screen. If an attribute is not standard within Reflex, users can set up user-defined fields (UDFs) to track other attributes.

Manage lot inventories


Take advantage of easy access to all lots in one place within Reflex Land Development software. Reflex Analytics is also available from within every screen, so you can pull and build reports and queries at the click of a button.

View and manage all lots from a centralized location.

Track lot sales

Manage lots that are held for sale, as well as lots that are not released for sale. View project lot sales across specific months and analyze actual monthly sales vs. budgeted sales.

Track and chart lot sales by preferred criteria.

Lot inventory status

Track the status of all lots within the fully integrated Lot Inventory module.

Manage everything from within one complete system that updates in real time.

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