Land Management

Fully manage all land development operations with Reflex Land Development software.

Determine how much land needs to be developed, estimate future stages and the amount of land attributed to each stage, and track budget, leases, and every other aspect of land development. Turn a large piece of land into a community with Reflex by performing due diligence on the proposed land and then incorporating all required pieces to complete the project.

Key features include lot sales, from the initial builder request to pre-sale deposits and down payments, lease and finance administration, collection of scheduled and final payouts, and more, from initial purchaser or builder request.


Raw Land Holdings

Land Development

Track the latest version of plans.

Define how much land is developable, estimate the number of future stages, and the amount of land attributed to each stage from within the Reflex Land Development ERP. With Reflex, you can:

 - Track holdings in acres and allocate applicable acres to each land project phase.

 - Work with engineers and software to lay out the community and track all plans from directly within the software.

 - Automatically generate contracts for infrastructure and other carrying costs.

 - Allocate raw land costs to each project phase based on acres or user-defined formulas.

 - Reconciliation of all land held and all land under development.

 - Manage various shareholders for each land purchase and automatically generate cash calls and cash distributions.

Manage all land development operations.

Once the development plan is underway, track everything within Reflex.

 - Track all contracts and actuals for professional fees, underground, earth, surface works, and every other development cost.

 - Manage all budgets and track revisions to the budget as the project progresses.

 - Forecast costs and revenues throughout the project.

 - Track leases, financing structure, cash flow, contracts, and every other aspect of land development.

Reflex offers a Process Assistant and Training Instructor (PATI) to help manage lot payouts and more.
Track all agreement information and generate lot sale agreements from directly within Reflex.
Every cost can be viewed in a grid or chart. With Reflex Land Development, users never have to run reports to access project information (although the software still boasts hundreds of on-demand reports)!
Manage original, approved, and revised budgets, cash flow costs, and revenues across user-defined time periods and unlimited revised budgets.
Access all costs, revenues, margins, and relevant information in one screen within Reflex.

More Screenshots

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Lot Sales: Use pivot grids or charts to view lot sales by preferred criteria.

Lot Tax Rolls and Letters of Credit: Easily track all lot tax rolls, letters of credit, lot neighbours, alerts, and pairings.

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