Web Portals

Reflex provides its clients with the ability to interact with internal personnel and external stakeholders through a variety of web portals, providing access to information in real time and enabling insight into information outside of the organization.


Stay up-to-date with access to real-time information throughout the Reflex ERP system. Enjoy chat functionality with employees and stakeholders, executive dashboards, extensive scheduling capabilities, and a variety of real-time web portals for internal personnel and external stakeholders.


Accounts Payable Supplier Portal

Reflex’s AP Portal enables all suppliers to submit invoices electronically. All Reflex portals can be client branded for colors, logos, and workflow. Suppliers can be linked to various portal functions, allowing Reflex clients to define various rules and workflows. With real-time chat and historical tracking, all stakeholders, whether internal or external, can see the progress of their invoices.

Customer Portal

Reflex’s Customer Portal enables clients to review quotes, sales orders, and outstanding invoices. All documents can be retrieved, including the sales order and shipping documents. Customers can also submit quote requests and sales orders with applicable attachments directly from the web portal. With real-time chat, the sales desk and customer are always on the same page.

Employee Portal

Reflex’s Employee Portal allows your staff to review work schedules, request vacation time, view all historical payments and deductions, and many other functions. Depending on the role of the employee, additional functions are accessible, such as the ability to update rosters and shifts and view any conflicts of resources.