Relations Management

Reflex’s Relations Management Suite moves beyond the traditional CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and establishes full management and interaction abilities with prospects, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, and key contacts.


The Relations Management module provides capabilities to maintain, organize, and manage information for customers, clients, business partners, vendors, suppliers or virtually any other type of organization.

Relations Management Features

With Reflex Relations Management, maintain control of your communications with contacts and never lose important information again.


Modules and features:

  • Contact Management (vendors, clients, consultants, prospects, suppliers, stakeholders)
  • User-defined Fields for Personalization
  • Customer and Prospect Tracking
  • Communications Management – integrated with Microsoft Office (sync incoming and outgoing emails)
  • Email Campaigns
  • Mobile and Remote Access

The module is fully integrated with Exchange and SharePoint and has remote/mobile access via tablets, smartphones, and the web.

Tasks and appointments can all be scheduled and tracked. A communications log lets you track and monitor emails, phone calls, and faxes.

Integration with your enterprise email system provides a single consolidated log of all inbound and outbound communications to customers and business partners, while Reflex security and audit features let you share information without ever losing control of it.

This module also supports the end-to-end lifecycle of each relationship. Sales prospects and leads can be tracked through the entire sales pipeline and prospects are easily converted into customer relationships when sales are made. New opportunities can be recorded, and quotes for services or products can be produced.


Reflex allows staff to access all customers, prospects, suppliers, and opportunities from a web portal.

Having the ability to initiate and view all communications with prospects or customers means staying constantly connected to real-time information.

Relations Management allows viewing of all active orders, statuses, shipping details, credit limits, and much more.