Reflex Dashboards

Promote collaboration, improve processes, and connect your organization’s entire information with real-time dashboards.

Reflex ERP software provides organizations with a smarter way to engage management and workforce. 


With state-of-the-art functionality and modern business capabilities, Reflex can virtually eliminate the need for multiple software solutions, offline processes, and the dreaded ‘spreadsheet nightmare.'

Analytics, dashboards, and reporting

Information access, reporting, business intelligence and analytics are the common foundation across the Reflex enterprise solution portfolio. The concept of Master Data Management (MDM) is ingrained in the Reflex design philosophy to ensure efficient, effective governance and management of data as a key corporate asset.

All Reflex ERP solutions come with an integrated family of offerings for reporting, queries, dashboard views, trends and predictive analyses, as well as built-in charting and graphics capabilities. Executive dashboards provide at-a-glance views of key performance indicators that are fully end-user configurable to fit each organization, at all management levels.

Information Management

Modules and features:

  • My Chata
  • Budgeting
  • Dashboard
    • Alert Manager
    • Workflow Manager
  • KBI Manager (Key Business Indicators)
  • My Report Schedule
  • My Schedules
  • RDCC (Reflex Data Communication Center – import / export / middleware)
  • Web Services Administration


Access Key Business and Performance Indicators and drill into specific details.

Electronically manage approval requests, alerts and communications within the dashboard.