Personnel Management

The Reflex Personnel Management system is a fully integrated human resources solution for managing applicants, personnel and payroll processing.


Our human capital management module provides futuristic employee self-service abilities, allowing your employees to remotely access holiday requests, pay-stubs, handbooks, training courses, and the ability to update demographic information.

Personnel Management Features

With Reflex’s Personnel Management system, organizations can create and manage comprehensive employee records, store electronic documents, and assign compensation, benefits, and deductions for each employee.


Modules and features:

  • Human Capital Management
  • Payroll
  • Employee Benefits Management
  • Embedded Document Management
  • Applicant Management
  • Health and Safety
  • Time and Attendance
  • Skills/Talent Management
  • Direct Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Statistical Earnings
  • Configurable Workflows

A comprehensive human resources solution


Human Capital Management enables the creation of comprehensive employee records across the full hire-to-retire lifecycle.


Integrated Document Management capabilities offer significant value by allowing electronic documents such as resumes, reference checks, medical forms, signed employment agreements, void cheques, and payroll forms to be stored and managed within the HR and payroll functions.


Configurable workflow improves monitoring and control of human capital management processes, ensuring effective communication and timely handling of tasks. Reflex makes it easy to assign the exact pay, benefits, and deductions arrangements for each employee.


Applicant Management facilitates recruitment through the creation of competitions, which can then be posted to a corporate website as well as social media sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook. Applicant workflow can be monitored and managed from receipt of resumes, through multi-level interview stages, to final decision in a letter of offer or rejection.


Talent Management enables effective administration and utilization of resource skills, while training and course administration features support continued professional development.