Administration Management

Set up and maintain organization-specific configurations with Reflex’s Administration modules. Tailor security role definitions and assignments, manage general ledger and financial account structures, and more.


A robust, flexible and powerful ERP solution serves as the foundation for the Reflex enterprise portfolio. It provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to support end-to-end enterprise operations – all within a single product design and architecture. Extended capabilities are available within specific industry line-of-business offerings. All modules share a common architecture and design, for seamless integration and unequalled flexibility.

Administration Management Features

Maintain full control of your organization's administrative information with the fully integrated, real-time functionality of Reflex's comprehensive administration modules.



  • Asset Administration
  • Financial Administration
  • General Administration
  • Information Administration
  • Personnel Administration
  • Revenue Administration

Configuration without customization


Reflex provides extensive capability for a trained administrative user to setup and maintain organization-specific configurations.


Reflex’s ‘Configuration without Customization’ feature lets you tailor security role definitions and assignments; general ledger and financial account structures and values; workflow routing and notifications for each function; business rules; dashboard report formats and contents; and predefined values for standard tables, such as payroll groups, benefit plan names and codes, inventory and asset categories, and more.

Comprehensive security functions


Access to all functions and data is tightly controlled through configurable role definitions and user role assignments. Authorized administrators can manage role definitions and user permissions, with no need for technical support. Reflex integrates with Microsoft’s Active Directory services for user account management and authentication.


A comprehensive audit log is created for all user activity and data changes within Reflex and full audit reporting enables effective monitoring of all activity. Reflex provides more extensive oversight through intelligent audit capabilities, such as trend analysis, to identify unusual activity that may require investigation, as well as alerts and notifications of potential or actual security threats. Organizations are able to quickly identify, respond to and resolve such threats, and effectively mitigate any impact to the company or its clients.