Tailored to the Manufacturing sector, Reflex Manufacturing software is an easy to use but powerful solution with multiple modes of operation.

The software is specialized to help manage work orders, maintain compliance with continual quality standards, and synchronize all ‘moving parts’ to keep you ahead of the competition.

Plan for the future with a modern, state-of-the-art software solution that standardizes operations and workflows across an organization and offers a 360-view with built-in custom reporting.

Take advantage of increased productivity and full organization of the manufacturing floor, and transform your business to expand into the global market.

Increase productivity

Improve productivity with real-time updates and full production floor management.

Make informed decisions

Improve decision-making abilities with optimized information exchange capabilities.

Lean Manufacturing

Build a more efficient and more effective sustainable organization with electronic document management, web portals, reduced resources, and more.

Expand your revenue stream

Increase bottom-line profits with improved workforce management.

Ensure success

Effectively manage in-progress work orders, volume capacity, raw materials, equipment, and overall business functions.

Manage everything in one system

Meet your customers’ changing demands with the ability to fully manage all incoming orders and resources.

Comprehensive Features

Reflex Manufacturing offers a comprehensive solution portfolio that enables you to plan, schedule, execute, and monitor your entire manufacturing business. Reflex features enable product design, inventory and stock management, estimates and quotes, purchase orders, production scheduling, customer orders and accounts, and more. As part of the Reflex portfolio, full financial capabilities for accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, and general ledger are already built into the manufacturing solution.

Key Reflex Manufacturing features include:

 - Fully configurable production control workflows.

 - ‘Look ahead’ order management enables proactive management of supply and demand.

 - Real-time alerts enable streamlined and efficient processes, and provide advance warning of potential issues or problems.






Download the Reflex Manufacturing brochure here.





Download the Reflex ERP brochure here.


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