Reflex V11.0 launches new Weigh Scale module

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Reflex V11.0 launches new Weigh Scale module

In our quest to offer the most up-to-date and cutting-edge ERP solution around, we’ve recently added a new Weigh Scale module to our fully integrated system. With this new module, clients now have the ability to set up and manage multiple contracts, permits and volume pricing while managing cash and contract customers.

Reflex Weigh Ticket Entry 1024x614 Reflex V11.0 launches new Weigh Scale module

New features include:

  • Capturing scale weight in and out
  • Printing paper copies of tickets and/or emailing PDFs, as well as invoicing
  • Capturing signatures via a tablet application, which is digitally stored on the specific ticket
  • Automatically generating all invoices with all PDF copies of tickets
  • Slice and dice all historical tickets by customer, material, contract number or any other data

Reflex Scale Permit and Contract Setup 1024x613 Reflex V11.0 launches new Weigh Scale module

The new module allows users to control all aspects of the weighing process. Managing the full financial lifecycle along with digital signature capturing and document management has never been easier!

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