Reflex Features

A postmodern approach to ERP software

Our Reflex ERP Software Solution has been developed to leverage the latest .NET framework in order to deliver highly functional, adaptive, and agile software that can run on virtually any device and can be hosted either on-site or in the cloud.

Reflex is a postmodern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that offers modules for a variety of industries. Each module is built within the same architectural framework, so you can choose the best module combination to meet your business needs. 

With more than 50 available modules, Reflex ERP is a powerful business solution that provides easy management capabilities and real-time information integration for a wide variety of organizations--all in one flexible and agile system.

All of Reflex’s modules are seamlessly integrated, which means that business information is updated in real-time across each department--instantly. Modules include:

Thanks to Reflex’s real-time functionality, all modules are instantly aware of data changes. Businesses can take advantage of increased management insight and agility without having to compromise power or functionality. 

What makes Reflex different?

Next generation functionality

We believe that businesses shouldn’t have to change their processes to meet the needs of a software solution. Reflex allows users to configure the user interface to meet their own needs, without spending time and money on extensive customization. With mobile access, built-in business intelligence and analytics, and extensive reporting capabilities, Reflex delivers maximum power without compromising flexibility.

Analyze business performance instantly. Export graphs, grids, reports, and queries to convenient formats such as Excel, PDF, and Word with embedded analytics.

Adjust workflow processing, user, or group security with our Routing/Workflow Manager, Key Controls Manager, and Security Manager modules.

Go paperless with the Document Manager's built-in, fully integrated capabilities for managing electronic document and image files.

Mobile functionality

Manage your business in the field with our next generation mobile and web portal access.

Need help? Here's PATI.

PATI, our patented Process Assistant and Training Instructor, is a built-in process wizard that assists users of the software.

PATI offers specialized help for each module within Reflex, so that users can always access assistance when needed.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Thanks to cutting edge technology, our Reflex ERP helps support LEAN Enterprise goals by enabling a paperless office environment.


With functionality such as an embedded document manager, real-time chat, an end-to-end relationship manager, and mobile and web access, Reflex ensures that paper waste is a thing of the past.


Learn more about how Reflex ERP supports business sustainability goals.

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