Avoid the comfort zone. Say goodbye to multiple disconnected software systems and say hello to a fully integrated postmodern solution. Take one step instead of five when creating and filing reports. Manage financials at the click of a button. With Reflex, manual re-entry and an endless array of spreadsheets become a thing of the past.

Reflex ERP is a postmodern ERP system that leverages the latest technology to deliver highly functional, adaptive software that can run on virtually any device and can be hosted either on-site or in the cloud. A personalized software solution, Reflex ERP caters directly to your line of business: construction, manufacturing and distribution, land development, and property management. 

Make the move towards sustainability and Lean Enterprise with a fully integrated software solution that offers electronic document management, web portals, reduced resources, and more.

With Reflex, everything is connected so that everyone in your business can stay connected.


Because Reflex ERP software is both agile and fully integrated, it can be used in many industries or a combination of industries. The following consist of the core industries currently using Reflex:

What makes Reflex different?

Postmodern, next generation technology

Real-time data management and full integration

Competitive pricing for small, medium, and large companies

No customization

Cloud or on-site hosting

User-friendly interface

Extensive security and audit features

Embedded analytics and reporting

Mobile and web access


Reflex ERP comes with a selection of fully integrated modules, tailored to a number of different businesses. Organizations can select the modules and features they need to build their very own postmodern solution.


Learn more about Reflex's full selection of software modules and features on our Features Overview page or click on one of the modules to the right.

Hosting Options

Part of Reflex's agile and postmodern functionality is the software's multiple hosting options, allowing us to accommodate different infrastructure needs and capacities. Clients can choose to host the software on-site or in the cloud.


Cloud Hosting

  • Reduced cost of a third-party data centre.
  • Flexible and scalable.
  • Offers full integration with client's internal network.
  • High performance without high cost of in-house equipment.
  • Off-site backup and disaster recovery.


On-Site Hosting

  • Installed on client's server infrastructure.
  • Best for companies that have already invested in network infrastructure and want to have their data on-site.

Competitive Pricing

The Reflex ERP software system is offered at an extremely competitive rate compared to other comprehensive ERPs in the marketplace. Pricing varies depending on client requirements and organization size.


Each new client requires one server license, priced individually, which entitles the client to all product functionality, components, and modules, as well as individual user licenses. Our pricing uses a Client Access Licensing (CAL) pricing methodology based on the following:


Enterprise Full Use License (administrative access)

Casual or Limited Use License (viewing access but cannot make updates or changes to information)

Self-Service Level Use License (limited access, typically through web portals)


Pricing also includes professional implementation services, training, conversion, and Go Live support.

Reflex Enterprise Solutions Group Inc. is a software development company based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For more than 30 years, we have provided modern business and technology solutions to a wide variety of clients, on a national and international level.

Our client experience includes working with organizations in industries such as construction, manufacturing and distribution, property management, and land development. Not only do we deliver a software solution to help clients address the challenges of today, we also build lasting business partnerships with our clients. 

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