What size of company can use Reflex software?

Enterprise software is primarily geared toward small, medium, and large-sized companies with a minimum number of full-time users. Reflex ERP software generally works best in companies with revenues of $10-20 million up to $500 million. However, we have implemented Reflex in a variety of smaller and larger organizations, both private and public, in the past and have seen successful results--this depends entirely upon product fit and industry. To talk to us about whether Reflex is a fit for your organization, please call us at (780) 451-4596 or email sales@thereflex.com.

How much does it cost?

Total cost of the Reflex software varies depending on company size. Reflex uses a licensing model to determine costs of the software. Each client requires one Server License, which entitles the client to use of any or all of the full set of modules in the Reflex base product, and multiple Client Access Licenses based on the number and type of users. Our Client Access Licensing (CAL) pricing methodology is based on named users in two categories:

  • Enterprise Full Use License: full-time users with security access.
  • Self-service Level Use License: read-only users, usually with access through web portals.

Our goal is to have our clients using as many of the modules as needed; unused modules can be turned on at any time during or after the initial installation.

Is the software customizable?

Customization of enterprise software can be costly and time-consuming. We prefer to offer our clients a flexible solution that fits, rather than providing a 'one-size-fits-all' system that requires extensive customization.

Our premise is "configuration without customization." This means that users can tailor and personalize many features within our Reflex ERP without the need for expensive customization. Examples of the types of features that users can modify include: screen presentation formats and client/user themes; security role definitions and assignments; general ledger and financial account structures and values; workflow routing and notifications for each function; business rules; dashboard report formats and contents; and predefined values for standard tables (such as payroll groups, benefit plan names and codes, inventory and asset categories, and more).

What does 'fully integrated' mean?

Unlike legacy ERP systems, Reflex is a postmodern system built on new technology using the Microsoft .NET platform. This means that all of our modules communicate directly within the software in real-time--this eliminates information silos and the need for data re-entry.

The majority of older legacy-based ERP systems in the market today utilize a base financial module with industry-specific applications sold as add-ons from a third-party vendor. These are not integrated. Full integration means that information entered into our financial module and all other associated modules is automatically available to users (depending on their access security), with no delay for data syncing or updates.

Learn more about Reflex as a postmodern ERP here.

Does the software have dashboards?

Yes! All Reflex ERP solutions come with an integrated family of offerings for reporting, queries, dashboard views, trends and predictive analyses, as well as built-in charting and graphics capabilities. Executive dashboards provide at-a-glance views of key performance indicators that are fully end-user configurable to fit each organization, at all management levels.

Learn more about Reflex Dashboards here.

Can I access the software on my tablet or smartphone?

Reflex was designed and developed to offer information anytime, from anywhere, and as such provides its users with the ability to interact with internal personnel and external stakeholders through a variety of web portals, which can be accessed remotely. These provide access to information in real time and enabling insight into information outside of the organization.

Learn more about our web portals here.

Is there a reporting function?

Yes! In addition to our Reflex Report Launchers, our Reflex Analytics™ is available throughout every module in the system. This allows users to generate graphs, grids, and other graphics or use one of our pre-set templates to build reports. All Reflex ERP solutions come with an integrated family of offerings for reporting, queries, dashboard views, trends and predictive analyses, as well as built-in charting and graphics capabilities.

Learn more about analytics and reporting here.

What makes Reflex different?

Unlike our competitors, our software is built entirely on new technology and is fully integrated, which means that data is collected in a single repository and is updated in real-time throughout the software and throughout the organization. For example, information entered in about an order on the shop floor will be immediately available to other relevant departments within the company—this real-time access to data eliminate information silos and helps improve productivity and efficiency within the workplace.

The main features that make our software different from our competitors include:

  • Postmodern, next generation technology
  • Real-time data management and full integration
  • Competitive pricing for small, medium, and large companies
  • No customization
  • Cloud or on-site hosting
  • User-friendly interface
  • Extensive security and audit features
  • Embedded analytics and reporting
  • Mobile and web access


Learn more about Reflex's features here.

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You may also email sales@thereflex.com or call (780) 451-4596 if you have any inquires about the software.

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